Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Muppet" Reviews!

Critics other then Statler and Waldorf have gotten their first look at The Muppets and we've compiled links to a few of thier reviews below!

Cinemablend calls the show "Hilarious And Cameo-Heavy Fun For All Ages" and "one of the funniest network comedies I’ve seen in ages."

Gazette said "With a tip of the hat to pop culture but with a clear link to its own past, “The Muppets” does a great job of being true to itself while blending modern comedic sensibilities."

Rolling Stone has a great article about the series titled, "The Muppets' Grow Up and Get Dark."

Philly.com says "Muppets inspire us to make world a better place."

NY Daily News touts the joys of The Muppets putting on an " adult-oriented show."

The LA Times call the show "Sex and drugs and 'The Muppets' -- a little strange, yet clever."

Finally, our friends at ToughPigs got to see the first two episodes and they said,
"Believe the hype! And don’t forget to tune in on September 22nd!"

You can read all the reviews at the links above!

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