Thursday, September 10, 2015

River Horse Labyrinth Game - First Peek at Hoggle!

River Horse is developing a Labyrinth game and revealed the first look at the Hoggle figure. 

From River Horse's press release:

First sneak peak at Hoggle for our Labyrinth game

We thought that you'd like to know how we are doing with the Labyrinth game, well,the first draft of the mechanics is written and we are into the playtest stage. We are going through the archives and pictures from the nice chaps at Henson, we have also been lucky enough to land a top notch sculptor to help bring the figures to life:  Mr Johnny Fraiser. As you can see by the pictures, his sculpt of Hoggle is spot on!  Johnny is a massive fan of the Labyrinth and we think you can see just how much when you look at some of his other projects, The GloamingThe Wandering Woods, and from some of the games he is working on here.

Come and join the conversation on the Labyrinth board game Facebook group.

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