Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Storyteller: Dragons Coming Soon From Archaia!

Next week Achaia wraps up the Dark Crystal: Creation Myths saga, but the graphic novel publisher isn't done with the The Storyteller! A new limited series is coming later this year subtitled, "Dragons." 

According to Comics Alliance: 

The four issue series will explore dragon myths from different cultures around the world, kicking off with writer Fabian Rangel Jr. and artist Daniel Bayliss‘s tale of the Horned Snake and the Thunderbird, inspired by Native American traditions.

The second issue sees Nathan Pride take on the Celtic tale of the Lambton Worm,

While issue #3 offers Hannah Christenson’s gender-switched retelling of a Russian folktale about a knight and squire fighting the three-headed dragon Tugarin.

The final issue comes from Jorge Corona, recent winner of the Russ Manning award for Most Promising Newcomer, and is inspired by a Japanese tale about a young girl facing the dragon Yofune Nushi.

The Storyteller: Dragons will be released in December.

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