Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Muppets 2016 Calendar by Danilo!

No, you're seeing things, there's another Muppet calendar coming out for 2016!

If you're counting at come this makes it the fourth Muppet calendar released this year. I think that may be a new record, and that's not including the small version of the Hallmark calendar or any international versions! UPDATE: This is a UK calendar. 
Like the calendar by Day Dreams, Danilo's 2016 Muppet calendar uses a bunch of the same stock photos we've seen over and over, though this one also uses stills from the last two movies. It also includes a Fozzie image we haven't seen much, Mahna Mahna and the Snowths, and Walter!

I know, many people were disappointed Walter wasn't included in the Day Dreams calendar and has yet to appear in the new Muppet series. Hopefully this shows he hasn't been forgotten by the folks at Disney. 

It is available now through Amazon

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  1. "[...] that's not including the small version of the Hallmark calendar or any international versions!"

    But this IS an international version! It's the official UK version of the Muppet calendar that they've consistently been putting out every year (as evidenced by the more logical start-of-the-week being Monday, instead of Sunday)!

    That said, you should check out the different Muppet and Sesame calendars from Germany right now!