Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Diamond Select’s Fourth Wave of Muppet Figures "Shelved"!

Well Muppet fans, we have some sad news to report. According to a friend and fellow muppet fan who worked with Diamond Select on their Muppet action figure line, the next wave has been "shelved until they can get enough "retail interest" ". 

Below is the announcement:
"Well, ladies and gentlemen, the official word from the big cheese at DST and their forum is that the Muppets wave four has been shelved until they can get enough "retail interest" or they find a way to direct-market these. They're all perfected and ready to go into production, so there's no additional work that they require. While I am disappointed, I am not surprised. Diamond is an amazing company with amazing products and I'm very grateful about all they've done thus far. Honestly, from top to bottom - nobody is Palisades. Nobody ever will be. It's an impossible comparison because it had one of the biggest product cheerleaders ever in Ken. I've never seen someone care as much and put as much of himself in any creative field than he did. That guy never slept in those years. I'm not sure if he even sleeps now. I think he's probably superhuman. That said, I don't think there's much we can do and messaging me for help won't do a darn thing, unfortunately. If you feel the need to message anyone, go to Diamond Select's facebook page and mention the Muppets figures daily until they relent. It might not do any good, but I think it's important for all of us to finish what we start as creative people. Creative companies are no exception, but things happen that are even beyond their control. Peace all.”
As you may recall, wave 4 consisted of fan favorites Sam Eagle, Rizzo, Dr. Teeth. Zoot, and The Swedish Chef. Below are the prototypes we saw for the line at Toy Fair.

They look amazing, right? You want them in your collection, right? 

What can you do about? 

First, if you haven't bought any of the figures yet (and why haven't you??), Please do so! They're fantastic. The love and attention to detail is just as good, and sometimes even better than even the much loved Palisade's line.

You can order them from Amazon (which helps support this blog), Entertainment Earth and other retailers. 

Both sites also still have pre-order links for Wave 4. Use them. Tell retailers you want them by ordering them!

Second, if you already bought the figures, buy them again! Get any you've missed or buy one or five for friends and family. The holidays are coming and they make great gifts.

Third, as noted above "If you feel the need to message anyone, go to Diamond Select's facebook page and mention the Muppets figures daily until they relent."

We can't recommend using all three options above enough.

Help get wave 4 to Muppet fans around the world!


  1. Is there any stockists in the UK for all series of these? Thanks

    1. Amazon UK has them...