Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fraggle Rock Turns 35!

35 years ago today the world was introduced to the world of Fraggle Rock. 

Follow me as we look at some of many Fraggle products both past and present. 

Since the show was on HBO, and therefore limited to premium cable subscribers, the first merchandise for show consisted of books and records introducing the world and characters to non-cable homes. 

Plush and figures soon followed.

The Fraggles even got their own Saturday Morning animated series!

As well as a widely popular Happy Meal toys, stamps, and lunch boxes.

Since the series was produced around around the world, there were many other countries fortunate to have Fraggle products. 

Some were mere translations of products available in the US, while others were unique to that country. 

Recently, Fraggle merchandise has had a bit of a renaissance.

Sababa and Nanco release plus in the early - mid 2000's.

The 30th anniversary kicked off with products from Dr.Romanelli, Manhattan Toy plush,  high end Doozers, and beer cozies!

Today, Archaia has released new comics and graphic novels.

Hulu streams a Doozer animated spin-off.

Super Impulse has a line of Fraggle plush (and we hope their other items in the lien are produced well)

Enjoy the Ride has a special color vinyl:

Fraggles can be found in claw machines thanks to The Toy Factory. 

and Funko has a new line of Fraggle pop!

All proof that you can not leave the magic!

Happy 35th Fraggle Rock!


  1. I wanted you guys to make a plush of the classic version like this!:

    Please make it guys, just make it!!!

  2. I loved Fraggles when I was a kid! I STILL love them!