Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Meet the New 'Miss Nanny' - Jenny Slate!

Former SNL cast member Jenny Slate has been tapped to watch over the new Muppet Babies Nursery!

Slate will lend her voice to the iconic faceless, tights wearing "Nanny" in the new Muppet  Babies reboot. 

Speaking of Nanny's tights, they will no longer be stripped green! 

Instead, they will now change depending on the episode's theme. 

In addition to Slate, the rest of the cast has also been reveled as well.

Melanie Harrison (Piggy), Dee Bradley Baker (Animal), Ben Diskinas (Gonzo), Eric Bauza  (Fozzie Bear), 
Summer Penguin (Jessica DiCicco), and Matt Danner will not only voice Kermit, he's the supervising director.

Check out this behind the scenes look at Jenny as "Nanny"

Muppet Babies debuts on Disney Jr. in March.

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