Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Bat Can Bat!

Gene Barretta's latest book "The Bat Can Bat" hits book store shelves today. 

Your probably wondering, "What does this have to do with The Muppets?"

Well, in addition to being a renowned children's book author and illustrator, Gene worked as a Character Designer/Storyboard artist at The Jim Henson Company, animated shorts for Sesame Street, is the brother of Muppet performer Bill Barretta, and a huge Muppet fan.

So again, what does his latest book have to do with the Muppets?

Look closely in the background ...

Do you recognize any familiar faces?

The crowd is made up entirely of Muppet performers, employees, Muppet fans and even Muppets Bobo the Bear, and Joey the monkey, who Gene designed for the pilot Late Night Buffet!

Here's a couple of close ups. 

(Click on the images to enlarge)

The left side features, Lara Mclean, Bruce Laniol, Leslie Carrera -Rodulph, Paul Rudolph, Julianne Buescher, Caroll Spinney, Drew Massey, Muppet Cast host Steve Swanson, Jesse Oliver, Jerome and Heather Green, Dave and Niki Hulteen, Louise Gold, Kirk Thatcher, Kevin Clash,Alan Trautman, Stephanie D'abruzzo, Craig Shemin, Gene Barretta, Jerry Nelson, Pam Arciero, Richard Hunt, Grant Baciocco, Stuart Reeves, Steve Whitmire, David Rudman, Matt Vogel, Peter Linz, Dave Goelz, Bill Barretta, Bobo the bear, and Joey Spank the monkey.

While the right side features John, Jane, Brian and Jim Henson, Ed Christie, Frank Oz, Peggy Maltby Etra, Joey Mazzarino, Misha Sisti, Mak Wilson, Paul McGuinness, Michael Oosterom, James V Carroll, Alice Dinnean, Tough Pigs' Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe, Muppet Stuff's Chris Stulz (hey, that's me!), Carmen Osbahr, Stuart Reeves, Jennifer Barnhart, Mak Wilson, Ryan Dillon, Colleen Smith, Tim Lagasse
, Andreew Spooner, Victor Yerrid, Tyler Bunch, Jordan Lockhart, John Kennedy, Jane Gootnick, Marty Robinson, Fran Brill, and Kenny Durkin.

I know we missed a few here and there. If you're among the missing or mislabeled, please let us know where you are and we'll be glad to add your name. 

Gene provided us with the naming chart with all the names and locations!

01-Billy Barretta, 02-David Rudman, 03-Eric Jacobson, 04-Steve Whitmire, 05-Matt Vogel, 06-Dave Goelz, 07-Peter Linz, 08-Fran Brill, 09-Kirk Thatcher, 10-Martin Robinson, 11-Kevin Clash, 12-Allan Trautman, 13- Stephanie D’Abruzzo, 14-Craig Shemin, 15-Louise Gold, 16-John Henson, 17-Carmen Osbahr, 18-Ryan Dillon, 19-Pam Arciero, 20-Grant Baciocco, 21-Jennifer Barnhart, 22-Paul McGinnis, 23-Frank Oz, 24-Jim Henson, 25-Richard Hunt, 26-Jerry Nelson, 27-Caroll Spinney, 28-Bobo, 29-Brian Knatchbull, 30-Julianne Buescher, 31-John Kennedy, 32-Bruce Lanoil, 33-Tyler Bunch, 34-Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, 35-Lars McLean, 36-Colleen Smith, 37-Michael Oosterom, 38-Andrew Spooner, 39-Victor Yerrid, 40-Ted Michaels, 41-Joey Mazzarino, 42-Mak Wilson, 43-Jane Gootnick, 44-Drew Massey, 45-Alice Dinnean, 46-Mike Quinn, 47-Tim Lagasse, 48-Misha Sisti, 49-Brian Henson, 50-Peggy Maltby Etra, 51-Gene Barretta, 52-Steve Swanson, 53-Jesse Oliver, 54-Niki Hulteen, 55-Dave Hulteen, 56-James Carroll, 58-Ed Christie, 59-Jane Henson, 60-John Tartaglia, 61-Stuart Reeves, 62-Paul Rudolph, 63-Spank, 64-Joe Hennes, 65-Ryan Roe, 66-Chris Stulz, 67-Jordan Lockhart, 68-Jerome Green, 69-Heather Hulteen.

We want to thank Gene again for not only including me in this extremely impressive array of caricatures, but for placing me right next to the man himself, Jim Henson. What an honor. 

"The Bat Can Bat" is available at bookstores now and through Amazon

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