Monday, February 19, 2018

New Fraggle Rock Comic Miniseries On The Way!

According to Comic Book Resources, Archaia will be releasing a new 4 issue miniseries based on Fraggle Rock.

Similar to their last Fraggle series, this one will be published in an 8-inch by 8-inch format just like their Mouse Guard books. 

Also like last time, these stories will be in an anthology format with each issue being handled by a different creative team.

Jared Cullum (Archaia’s The Storyteller: Giants, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special) will be writing and watercolor illustrating the first issue. The story sees Mokey losing her love for creating her art and needing her friends’ help to rediscover her inspiration.

“Fraggle Rock was an exceptionally unique show where the characters were never 2-dimensional,” Cullum said in a statement. “They have authentic feelings, character flaws, and learned, as we do in life, through stumbling to the right decision in a very immersive and connective way. It will always resonate with our hearts.”

The first issue of the new Fraggle Rock series has a cover by Cullum, and a variant by Jake Myler which will connect to the other three issues in the series, along with a retailer incentive fifth cover that will ship with issue #4.

“We’re proud to celebrate 35 years of Fraggle Rock with all-new stories from an eclectic group of creators,” BOOM! Studios editor Cameron Chittock said in a statement. “Each issue captures the spirit of the series in an exciting way, honoring the tradition Jim Henson established of telling stories with genuine heart and a confident belief that what we share outweighs our differences.”

Look for the first of these 4 issues to be released in May. 

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