Monday, January 26, 2015

London Music Works Perform Music From the Muppets!

Our friends at ToughPigs discovered two interesting upcoming products. 

First, is a cover album entitled London Music Works Perform Music From the Muppets.

The track list contains a nice mix of Muppet songs, though almost half are from the two most recent movies.

1. Theme (From "The Muppet Show")
2. Mahna Mahna (From "The Muppet Show")
3. Sax and Violence (From "The Muppet Show")
4. Bein' Green (From "The Muppet Show")
5. The Rainbow Connection (From "The Muppet Movie")
6. I'm Gonna Always Love You (From "The Muppets Take Manhattan")
7. One More Sleep 'til Christmas (From "The Muppet Christmas Carol")
8. Life's a Happy Song (From "The Muppets")
9. Me Party (From "The Muppets")
10. Man or Muppet (From "The Muppets")
11. We're Doing a Sequel (From "Muppets Most Wanted")
12. I'm Number One (From "Muppets Most Wanted")
13. The Big House (From "Muppets Most Wanted")
14. PöpcÃ,rn (PöpcÃ,rn)
15. Theme (From "The Muppet Show") [Instrumental]

I'm going to guess "PöpcÃ,rn (PöpcÃ,rn)" is some weird internet issue, and they meant "Pöpcørn."

The strange thing, is that is itself a cover of Gershon Kingsley' 1969 song "Popcorn." which makes it an instrumental cover of an instrumental cover!

London Music Works posted a sample of the album:

The musicians are so good, it's almost imperceivable to tell the difference between the originals That does the musicians a disservice. Without any stylistic music changes, what we're left with is their amateur Muppet impersonations over the tracks, which does the listener a disservice. So no one really wins here.

The album will be available February 17 and it look like it will currently only be sold in the UK.

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