Friday, January 30, 2015

Waldorf & Statler UK Mug!

Not to be left out, Statler and Waldorf get their own new mug as well. 

The front features "Waldorf & Statler" in black and white, only their tongues in color, with the phrase "It was Terrible!!!" underneath. 
The back of this mug seems very poorly conceived. It's blank, with just The Muppet Show logo touting "Tonights Special Guests Waldorf and Staler." 

  • First, "Tonights" should be Tonight's", unless that's a UK thing. 
  • Second, since when are Waldorf and Staler Muppet Show guests?
and finally
  • Since when are they listed as "Waldorf and Staler", and not Statler and Waldorf?

Just as the other mugs in the line, the package matches nicely, but my review? - It's Terrible!!!

Available from the UK.

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