Thursday, January 29, 2015

No More Monsters at Muppet Whatnot Workshop!

While in NY over the weekend, I made my usual pilgrimage to FAO's Muppet Whatnot Workshop. 

I was disappointed to find that there wasn't as much other Muppet merchandise for sale in the area as had been in the past, and that many of the Whatnot bodies...

and accessories were sold out!

I also noticed that many of monster options were also not available.. 

I asked an employee about it, and he replied that the monster options were being phased out and they would not be getting any more.

The red fur monster body and hair (as seen above) were apparently not very popular so they can still be bought for the time being. All the other monster accessories were either  gone, or, like the scary eyes also seen above, they had VERY limited quantities left.

The green and yellow "frown" face bodies are also no longer available.

While a new yellow body (that's the same as the blue and purple body) being 
offered in their place. 

So say goodbye to the whatnot monsters and hello to new yellow bodies!


  1. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for the update about the Whatnot Workshop. I've never been to the store, but have ordered one for myself from FAO, and 3 from eBay. I noticed the green body version was showing up in eBay searches like crazy and I nabbed one of those. Shame about the "sad" yellow. That one didn't last very long and I waited to late to get one. Hopefully the new yellow will end up on FAO's site soon. The choices are starting to get really slim, especially the eyes and noses, and it makes me feel like this may be winding down for all of us. But is did have a great run of several years. Thanks for all you do and I really appreciate your blog!!! Kevin in VA

  2. Hi Chris, I haerd the news too! It's quite complitating with the options sold out and new on the website. When will they have the pointy noses and yellow nose and eyes back in stock?