Monday, January 19, 2015

Hallmark Collection 2015: Part 1 - Itty-Bittys

As you may know, the new Hallmark items we previewed back in the summer are now starting to show up at Hallmark stores. 

Some locations even have full stocked Muppet displays!

Now that the first wave of items has been released, we'll take a closer look at what the new Hallmark collection has to offer!

We already showed off the surprise LED candle and now we'll look at the very first items to be released: Muppet Itty-Bittys. All are available in stores and online at the links below. 

My favorite of the bunch is Kermit, I think he fits well in the itty bitty style. 

Animal is also great, though many I saw had one of his eyes covered/blended into his eyebrow. He's also top heavy so it hard to keep him upright on his own.
Miss Piggy is cute, although a bit simplistic for such a diva. 

I'm not sure why Hallmark's designers decided to make Fozzie's eyes touch his nose like he's crossed eyed, but it works!

Fozzie it typically one of the hardest Muppets to accurately portray in plush form, and I think he fits in well with the rest of the itty bittys!

These are all great for both collectors and little kids (small plush- no moving parts) and I hope more characters are added to line. I for one would love to see Gonzo in itty bitty form! 

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