Friday, April 3, 2015

Most Wanted Easter Egg Kit!

For those that celebrate Easter, or for anyone that likes decorating eggs, Dudley's has a Muppets Most Wanted Easter Egg decorating kit.

The box contains 6 coloring tablets, 3 egg wrappers, 6 egg stands, 36 stickers, 1 egg dipper, and instructors. 

According to Dudley's website  these can be found at the following locations:

Unfortunately, what they don't  tell you is that this list referrers to all of Dudley's offerings 
and that a certain store/location may not have the Muppet kit. 

More unfortunately, I went to many of the retailers listed and not only did I NOT find the Muppet kit, but found that many didn't carry Dudley's, but their rival PAAS instead. 

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