Monday, April 13, 2015

The Muppets took over TV this Weekend!

Did you catch the cast of Sesame Street's surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live with Taraji P. Henson this weekend?

If not check out the skit below:

Wow, poor Elmo!

But that wasn't the only Muppet connection on TV this weekend. While they didn't appear in
on screen, sharp eared listeners recognized “C’est Si Bon” by Yves Montand during the end credit of Mad Men. 

That in inself isn't very Muppety however, the recently departed Stan Freberg made a parody the song which Jim Henson used as a skit for Sam & Friends.  

Only an hour before Mad Men, Game of Thrones began its fifth season. To mark the occasion, Sesame Street debuted a fantastic parody of the gritty fantasy series. 

But that's not all. Did you know there's a show currently on the air that has a Muppet or Henson reference almost every week! Stay tuned to find what the mystery show is and where you can see it!

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