Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skeksis Mask Hmmmmmmm!

Many peopel don't know, but Skeksis love to dress up. Especially SkekEkt. His
outfits always won the costume contests!

One year I really went all out. I disguised myself as a lowly pod person!

The Ornamentalist still won, but mine was so convincing SkekTek almost tried to drain my essence! Hmmmmmmmmm

Luckily SkekAyuk was dressed as me, and pulled off my mask in time. Too bad he also got fried nibrey all over it and ruined it. I would have liked be able to have two of me whenever I didn't want to deal with SkekUng. I hear there's a place where you don a post and go door to door and asking Gelflings for candy.

Everyone knows Gelfing candy is the best. Sweet Gelfling candy, yeeeaaassss.. hmmmmmmmmmm 

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