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Muppet Stuff on TV - The Goldbergs!

Have you been watching ABC's The Goldbergs? If not it past time to start. The show is based on the creator's own childhood growing up in the 1980's and he was a big Muppet/Henson fan. 

The character of "Adam Goldberg" can be seen wearing a Dark Crystal shirt. 

He also has a Dark Crystal movie poster and Miss Piggy's 1982 calendar hanging in his room. 

Among his many toys are a set of (sadly historically inaccurate) Fraggle stuffed animals and puppets. 

I hope the producers realize these aren't the real ones from the 80's, but versions released by Manhattan Toy in 2010, and correct the error soon!

There's also the Dark Crystal lunch box on his shelf that I don't think has even been noticeable on the show itself yet! (I was able to pull this shot from a behind the scenes video about the set.)

In a recent episode, Adam threw a birthday slumber party and his mother made him a Kermit cake!

I mentioned that the show is based on the real Adam Goldberg's life, and each episode includes a piece from Adam's own archive. 

The same episode with the Kermit cake, ended with a reenactment of Adam and one his friends creating their own Swedish Chef skit! 

On the right is the video Adam shot as a kid, and on the right is the show's recreation!
(You can watch the full episode here)

This is only a handful of Muppet references from the show, so I'm sure we'll be showing you more of the Goldbergs' stuff again soon!

The Goldbergs airs Wednedsay's at 8:30PM (EST/PSD) on ABC. Tune it tonight and see if you can spot any hidden references!

Have you found a show that often references the Muppets? Let us know and we'll feature it in a future installment!

We heard back from Adam Goldberg himself!
Adam F. Goldberg here, creator of The Goldbergs.I just read your post about the show and LOVED that you notice me use my network TV show to push my Henson agenda.  I'm an insane lifelong Muppet fan.  The Muppet Movie was the FIRST movie I ever saw and I spent my childhood watching the show and movies on a loop.  I have actually written words for the gang -- one of my first jobs was co-writing The Muppet Wizard of Oz.  I know it was just a low budget ABC TV special , but I got to write for actual Muppets at the start of my career and that was an insane bucket list job.  

I'm also a huge Fraggle fan and have tried to get on the movie many times, but scheduling has always gotten in the way.  I have a whole outline, but it just collects dust in my computer.  But when I pitched to Lisa Henson, she said I knew WAY more about the property than she did.  That was cool.
One of my favorite Goldbergs scenes was Murray using Fraggles to have a sex talk with Barry.  The reason the Henson company let me shoot it was because I'm giant superfan and they trusted me.  But I needed puppet Fraggles which did not exist back in the day -- so I had to use the Manhattan toy puppets from a few years ago. And then those Fraggles became cannon to my show, despite the fact they aren't vintage.  So there's your geeky answer to understand I do obsess over these things! 

I mentioned to him that Dankin did produced Fraggle Rock puppets in 1988, but that they are fairly hard to find.
Adam F. Goldberg:
I know! These are impossible to find. We couldn't find 2 Fraggles on ebay in enough time and get them to us (cause once we're in production sometimes I write scripts a day before we shoot! 
But yeah, I'd love to find these for the shelf next year!

So there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled to The Goldbergs next season to see if Dankin's Fraggle puppets make an appearance!

Thanks to Adam Goldberg for reaching out to us. What a really nice guy. 

And don't forget, an all new episode of The Goldbergs airs tonight at 8:30PM EST/PSD on ABC!

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