Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skeksis Home Movies Hmmmmmmm!

Many people don't know, but us Skeksis also love making home movies. 

This first one was flimed  the day our great emperor SkekSo died and I almost became the new emperor. 

I challenged SkekUng to a "Trial by Stone", and it was all caught on our surveillance cameras !  Unfortunately, I didn't win and was banished. Good times! hmmmmmmm

Here we see a typical Skeksis family dinner. This meal f
eatured my favorite meal, roasted Nebri! 

Here's the time I met two awful Gelflings! One of the worst days of my life. Awful Gelflings.

Here you can see SkekTek extracting the essence from this horrid pod person. Look how much fun he's having!

Wasn't that hilarious? Fun fact, it won second place one year on Thra's Funniest Home Videos! Warms my Skeksi heart to bring such joy to the land of Thra! 

As you can see Skeksis have great time with home movies!

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