Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skeksis Stuff Hmmmmmmm!

Heloooooo it is I, SkekSil, though you may know me better as Chamberlain, of the Skeksis. hmmmmmmmm. 

Don't be afraid. I am friend. Gelfling, Pod people, all friend of SkekSil. 

I am here so to show you some of the great items Skeksis has appeared on. 

Don't worry.'s OK.....

All have been carefully inspected by our scientist, SkekTek and are perfectly safe. yeeeeess.  Perfectly safe. hmmmmmmm

The land of Thra has had many great exports over the years, you'll see.   

Please come back throughout the day and see the wondrous items. Please... let me prove I am friend. Please... won't you ..... please.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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