Monday, April 13, 2015

New Muppet Show - official synopsis!

Speaking of The Muppets taking over TV, from the " Official synopsis" below from Den of Geekthe new Muppet show, Isn't going to be a reboot of "The Muppet Show." But more of a mockumentary in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

New Muppets TV Series: Official Story Details Surface

The new Muppets TV show coming to ABC is going to have a Curb Your Enthusiasm like flavor according to official details...

After the initial news of a brand new Muppets TV series coming to ABC broke, things quieted down a bit. But now we have an official synopsis, courtesy of ABC(hence the "official" part).
Subverting the expectations of reality TV, this mockumentary looks at the day to day lives of the Muppets and the mayhem that ensues as they try to get a new network series up and running. Mixing the Muppets’ signature brand of nonsense with the hilarity of shows like The Comeback and Curb Your Enthusiasm, this series finally answers the question, “What happens when the Muppets go home?”
To be fair, I'm not sure too many of us have ever really asked that particular question, but I'm willing to have faith. In addition to listing both Bill Prady and Bob Kushell as writers and producers (as originally reported) and confirming Randall Einhorn as producer (he will also direct), it also lists Muppet performer Bill Barretta among the executive producers.
(hat tip to Film Divider for putting us on to that official synopsis)
Original Story: April 3rd, 2015:
The Muppets might return to evening television. ABC is interested in a comedy pilot centered on Jim Henson's most famous felt creations. They've enlisted Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady and Anger Management's Bob Kushell to work out a presentation.
Deadline reports that this new Muppets series "would be set behind the scenes of a late-night talk show." It sounds similar to the old Muppets Tonight pitch, but if this is going to be as clever as The Larry Sanders Show but with Muppets, then all will be right with the world. 
Production Weekly says that Randall Einhorn, who has a sterling resume of good comedy projects (including several episodes of Parks and Recreation and The Office) will direct: 
So, aside from the unfortunate fact that the words "Big Bang Theory" have to be mentioned in the same breath as "new Muppets TV series" this is all very good news. Prady has Muppet cred, as well, having written for The Jim Henson Hour and the virtually forgotten Muppet Classic Theater from 1994. The Hollywood Reporter has some more details about the pilot presentation, which would involve the core cast trying to convince Miss Piggy to join up for the new show.
If things go well, then ABC should take the new Muppet show straight to series.

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